About WIES-A project of WISE Education Society

Wise Institute of Employability Skills (WIES) is producing Industry Specific Software Trainers (ISST) resulting in increased capacity to adopt new IT related technology. A Fast Track Program to Train 5000 - 10,000 Youth annually in the Public / Private sector of Punjab, Pakistan.


Complete handholding of the Youth from Education to Job Placement through market demand driven Trainings and bridging the gap between Academia and Industry.


  • To Provide Employability Edge to our YOUTH through IT related Software Trainings.

  • To increase the level of Professional Competence and Work Ethics among the trainers resulting in quick and proper placement of our YOUTH in the Job Market.

  • To assist the Government of Punjab in minimizing unemployment through demand driven trainings as required by Industrial Sector

Focus On Urgency

We have experience of 25 years in Education and Job Placement, whereas, now we are interested to assist Government of Pakistan and Punjab to achieve their overall agenda of imparting world class Technical and Vocational Training to 2.0 million Youth by mid-2018